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Technical Data

Metallurgy : Mostly exhibits nodular pearlite with chromium carbide in a fine network without graphite in microstructure. Also, carbide globules in the matrix of spherodised pearlite. Carbides are in the fine network without graphite.

Material : C.I G-15, GGZ D4, H24(V411) , PB1F, PEARLITE CAST IR , PL12MV 425, PL33MV 425 , PL 69 , GZGGV 300. GGZ-D4, HAYNES 589, CAST XB, SAE J610B, BRICO 52, STELLITE , SUH - 4 ,SUH - 5, VALMET , WELLTITE, PL33 MV, PL - 6N/7N, HITACHI CRQ, PLEUCO - 12M - V 425 and many others.

Metallurgical & Dimensional Measuring Instruments : Fully Equipped chemical Analysis Lab with spectrometers, Metallurgical microscopes, crack Detector, Rockwell & Brineii hardness testers, CAD & CAM, profiles projector and world class measuring & inspection Instruments.

Tolerance for Forcefit
Outer dia. of Valve Seat Inserts Tolerance
Below 30 mm +0.035mm
30-50 mm +0.042mm
Above 50 mm +0.051mm

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