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Our Commitment

"Commitment to continuous improvement and defect prevention while meeting and exceeding customer requirements at all times."

COSMO was established in 1977 with the inherent strength and capability to provide its customers with best quality Engine Components with their growing need for the same. Our primary line of product being Engine Valve Seats.

COSMO Premium Quality Valve Seats are made of special composition alloy steel to withstand extremely high temperature in combustion chamber of four stroke engines, using natural gas, L.P. gas, lead free fuels, diesel etc. Due to the high alloy contents and excellent heat resistance properties, COSMO - Valve Seats are able to dispose the heat surrounding the engine valves. This is why COSMO - Valve Seats cools faster, assures longer engine valve & valve guide life, which finally extends the engine life.

Competition is not a threat to us, our operational structure is well defined by way of assuring deliveries in the accepted time frame, economical pricing and with the Quality that is most appropriate for the required purpose. We at COSMO believe and work towards Total Customer Satisfaction.

Development Capabilities:

Our Team and work culture

We strongly believe in team work, and have the right team with a brilliant talent pool of skilled, motivated and experienced technicians who are only eager to go that extra length to produce outstanding results.

Our highly motivated and skilled workforce, work with the right attitude and gusto to acclaim high productivity in their respective work areas. This is achieved through regular motivational and skill enhancement training sessions by the management and the workmen are encouraged to speak out their experiences and ideas to make it a better workplace. Each commendable work in appreciated by the management and encouraged by awarding incentives for outstanding performers.

Working with Us

We provide our customers with the most satisfied experience and 100 % solution for Valve Seat Inserts. Behind this name are the masterminds of highly qualified techno crafts with industrial experience of more than 30 years, in the manufacturing of the same product. Also at the same time, we are Manufactures of Widest range of Valve Seats for almost every type of Internal Combustion Engines of Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Two Wheelers, Industrial Engines, and Marine Engines. This has been made possible by putting in place, technologically advanced equipments, an efficient team of professionals with excellent management and technical expertise, an ideal working atmosphere and creating an encouraging work culture where efficiency and a strong will to perform has become an undying habit, at all levels.

Our Production capacity being among the highest in the country, a well stocked and maintained inventory, definite and reliable sourcing of raw materials, an eye for the best in quality, be it for raw materials or the output of finished goods and our locale advantage offers a great deal of affordability, by means of lower power costs, easy access to almost all major cities across the country, thus complementing our urge to offer the best quality products most economical for our customers.

To top it all, our desire to satisfy our partners and customers in all aspects of our business dealings, a quick turnaround and delivery time, a professional approach and a strong will to go that extra length, and march along with all who come in contact with us, makes our organization, most comfortable to work with.